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Shadow Study – Sun and Shadow Analysis

We specialise in creating Shadow Studies & Shadow Analysis so as to assist you in your planning application.  Using 3D rendering software, we can accurately trace the sun’s path over your proposed building/structure so as to generate a ‘shadow analysis’ / shadow study.

Existing buildings can be added to the 3D scene as proxy elements to explain the affect of the shadows they cast (or receive) have on the proposed design.  Results can be provided as an animation or as a series of images illustrating the shadow(s) cast for any specific time & hr:,date-dd/mm/yy e.g

Everything is done in our 3D software and the results can be provided as an animation or as a series of images illustrating the shadow paths. We have our process streamlined and offer excellent rates.

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We believe that shadow studies should be quick to turnaround and not an opportunistic cost placed on the the developer, planner, homeowner or architect.
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Once we receive these files and can locate your development/house on an ordinance survey map or on a web based mapping tool such (e.g. google maps) we can evaluate the time and cost involved.
This allows us to understand what is required to complete the shadow study.
With strong emphasis on 3D model accuracy and locations/orientation, we then place your model(s) into an accurate representation of the real world. Using real world sun and sky plugins we generate accurate shadows.
Typically we create a series of still images that you download from our Dropbox. Should you require animations or hard-copies of the shadow study these can be arranged as additional costs.

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RME have helped numerous architects in refining their building development such that the imposing shadow impact has been minimised, reduced adjacent property holders concerns and effectively allowing for planning applications to be passed.

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